Friday, July 25, 2014

DT Day with Luciana

I'm counting days for vacation - I need it so much... But it'll come only in August... Ok, it's just a few more days.

Thinking about it reminded me about a card I made for a dear friend when she finished her Master's Degree in Psychology. She was so tired she didn't realize she was on vacation, lol.

What made me remember this card, also, was its colors. They're the colors of my Studio: yellow and blue (turquoise, in fact). I jus love this combination! I'm planning to take some pictures of my work space to show you next month. Would you like that?

Digital Stamp: Vacation Word Art

And you, what color - or combo color - pop up in your mind right now? Any preferences? Use the comment box below to share ideas for next projects. I'd love to chat with you.  ;)

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